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Can You Play Paintball in the Cold Weather

Playing paintball will not stop even there the weather condition drop down and there is enough snow on the ground that start sticking if you have already done preparation. Paintballs equipment & markers all respond in different ways than when you performed through the summer months, though. Unless you change your equipment, clothing and performing […]

How to Move In the Paintball

The main thing I recall when I started participating in paintball games was that you had to move around the paintball field in order to survive. My first encounter for the paintball fields is that there was many newbies I discover today on the field. Basically I hadn’t really considered it much now. But it […]

How to Play Paintball – Beginners Guide for Basic Rule of This Game

Paintball is a sport continues to grow impressively throughout the last 2 decades. For this reason there are numbers of new players and the paintball game is also developed to a variety of games that are played in paintball field. With the help of this article we simply present few ways in which paintball can […]

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