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Basic Steps to Care For and Maintain Your Paintball Gun

Having your paintball gun working perfect in the paintball field you must maintain your gun so that you can hit your competitor accurately. You need proper maintenance and care to make your maker perform well. Almost all the guns have different features and function but there are some basic functions in each gun that must […]

How is Speedball Different from Woodsball – Facts You May Want to Know

There are many type of paintball game but here we discuss the woodsball vs speedball games. Woodsball is the original form of the paintball game where you have natural wood environment with natural, bunker and woods that help you to prevent from your competitor, while on other hand, the speedball have artificially designed bunker and hurdles, […]

Paintball Fields – Types Of Fields You Want To Know

Paintball comes in different style of playing as well as different types of paintball field. Paintball in not just shooting it is much more than from shooting. It is more vital to shooting up any of your opponent with the different fields you can play on depends on the choice that which type of field […]

How to Play Paintball – Beginners Guide for Basic Rule of This Game

Paintball is a sport continues to grow impressively throughout the last 2 decades. For this reason there are numbers of new players and the paintball game is also developed to a variety of games that are played in paintball field. With the help of this article we simply present few ways in which paintball can […]

Paintball- Everyone’s Safe and Healthy Sport

Paintball – A Sport for EveryonePaintball is a game where individual players or teams compete against each other through expelling co-challengers by tagging them with paintballs propelled from a paintball marker (or gun). Paintballs are gelatinous capsules containing water-soluble dye. These contain safe, biodegradable, and water soluble polymer. Paintballs are fired through the compressed gas […]

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