From Neglect to Transformation: The Remarkable Journey of a Dog with a Broken Jaw

A stray dog had been seen and hadn’t moved in two days, according to Animal Aid. Ilovemydogsomuch says that this poor angel was probably famished, in agony, and dying.


The dog, eventually called Dory, was rescued immediately by this rescue crew. To stabilize her, they offered emergency medical care.
Her makeover is breathtaking! This anecdote will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face.

Dory arrived at the animal rescue center with a fractured jaw, which was discovered after a closer inspection. She couldn’t even stand since she was so weak. She was withering away because she couldn’t eat. Dory’s mouth was wired shut so it could heal, and she was given IV nutrition and plenty of affection by the emergency staff.

Watch this video to discover how incredible the veterinarians and volunteers are. Dory has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis! Dory will spend her life as the lively canine she was meant to be, thanks to the compassionate folks who phoned for aid, the rescue team’s relentless commitment, and their vets!

Don’t ignore an animal in distress if you see one. One phone call might completely transform their lives.

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