Heartbreaking News: Stray Dog Who Helped His Rescuer Sell Empanadas and Doughnuts to Finance His Surgery Has Perished

All over the world, stray dogs get hit by a speeding vehicle, though there would have a greater accident if the speeding vehicle will suddenly step on the brakes when an animal crosses the street. Sadly, it’s inevitable.

While several irresponsible drivers flee the scene after seeing the innocent animal help itself to the sidewalk, a woman did just the opposite.

The street dog was run over and found lying on the side of a road in Yucatán, Mexico by a generous woman.

The woman found the dog lying on the sidewalk.
Seeing it lying on the sidewalk, Silvia Villegas carried the little dog and took him immediately to the vet. The doctor told her that Rex – the name she gave him – would need surgery to be able to walk again.

Although Silvia has a big heart to help Rex, she doesn’t have much money to cover the cost of surgery. But the woman didn’t want to give up and in late January she started fundraising for Rex to have the operation needed.

Rex, with a sign around his neck, accompanies Silvia to sell her merchandise.
The woman sold Cream Cheese Empanadas and Doughnuts for 15 Mexican pesos (about RP 10 thousand), to help cover the expenses for the dog’s operation.

Here is the translation of the post:

Sell with a cause

Hello neighbors!

I’m selling these delicious Valentine’s Day donuts to raise money for a little street dog who got run over and needs surgery.

Today we will be in the library park at 6:00 pm.

Cost of the donuts $15.00

In support of Rex

In the comments I will leave a photo of the puppy and you can also see him in the park…

Thank you all for your purchase.

Rex, who knows that the money is for his surgery, accompanies Silvia wherever she goes and helps sell her merchandise by attracting people with a sign around his neck.

“I sell desserts to pay for my surgery” (Translated from Spanish)
Unfortunately, after several weeks of fundraising for Rex’s operation, sadly, fate has decided otherwise.

Rex’s condition of malnutrition and severe dehydration complicated his situation, and while the dog is treated in the emergency room, he fought to survive but to no avail.

After the surgery, Silvia decided to use the money for the cost of the dog’s burial and donates the rest to other animals that need it.

Rex, getting ready for his surgery. Though, fate has changed.
Although Rex was not saved, the woman’s kindness has made him feel loved in the last days of his life.

Silvia cared for him so much as if he has been her pet for a long time, and that is definitely something Rex will cherish from Heaven.

R.I.P., Rex, and may a flight of angels sing thee to thy rest.

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