Heartbroken Dog Dad Shares Video Of Pup’s Final Walk

The pain of losing a dog is something many of us hope to never experience. The reality is that many of us will. Making the choice to help a beloved fur baby cross the Rainbow Bridge may be one of the most painful experiences of our lives. But, it’s often one of the most selfless and honorable choices we can make. Helping our four-legged babies be free of their pain and suffering is the last way we can show our love for them.

The Last Act Of Love

Dale Thompson knows the feeling. He’s a dog dad from Toronto, Canada. Thompson recently shared his heart-shattering decision to help his Golden Retriever find peace. Murphy had been diagnosed with throat and nose cancer. His days on Earth had become too heavy. Murphy’s caring dad consulted with veterinarians. They had reached the end of the road and it was time to show Murphy one last act of love, writes iheartdogs.com

Thompson shared a video of Murphy’s last journey to the vet’s office. Along with it was a series of absolutely tear-inducing sentiments as Murphy’s heartbroken dad grieved.

“He walked in with dignity, clarity and honor. He left this world the same way he came into it: With style, grace and happy. RIP my friend.”

Murphy walked with poise and grace as he took every step with intention. He steadily looked onward as if to say he was ready. After Murphy took his last breath, Thompson searched for comfort and answers within his own heart.

“There’s not a word that’s been crafted or invented yet which could ever express how broken my heart is today. Simply put, I am lost,” said Thompson. “Sad is something I’ll be one day after I’ve cried a million tears and walked a million steps but, right now, I’m many miles from sad right now.”

If you’ve been in Thompson’s shoes then you know that going home to a less-filled house is nearly just as hard.

“My place is so quiet now, you can hear the clock ticking, the floor squeaking, every sound is now amplified so much,” he lamented. “The area he’d always lay down in seems so big now. His food dish is still untouched from this morning (baked chicken with some Chinese takeout don’t judge lol).”

There is a certain sadness that comes along with the loss of little footsteps on tile floors or the faint jingle of a collar. It’s a sadness that only time can heal. There’s no doubt that Murphy had nearly 14 years of life filled with more love than he could ask for

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