In her final moments, a mother dog, struggling to breathe, displays unwavering determination as she tries to provide for her puppies

A video of a poor female dog being beaten with an iron bar while trying to protect her puppies has gone viral on Facebook. After being attacked by a man, the mother dog, who has three puppies, was left paralyzed from the waist down.

According to The Benguin, a team of rescuers quickly came to her aid along with the puppies. When they learned about her situation and arrived to pick her up four hours later, she was still lying outside, unable to move, with her three babies by her side.

The man brutally assaulted the helpless female dog with an iron bar. He paralyzed her out of spite when she chased away his child, who was playing with the puppies. It is a natural instinct for a mother to protect her babies, and the child was not harmed in any way.

This poor dog posed no threat to anyone on the street, while the person who caused her such harm is a significant danger not only to animals but also to people!

She remained on the street for 4-5 hours until rescuers learned about her case and rushed her to the vet.

When she was picked up last night, she showed no signs of aggression, despite being in pain and having her three puppies by her side.

They named her Amal. The next day, she underwent x-rays, which revealed a problem with her L2-L3 vertebrae.

The vet has already started treatment with spinal injections and is optimistic that it will help her regain mobility. If the treatment does not yield the desired results, surgery is an option.

Amal is at the beginning of a long and challenging road to recovery, but veterinarians believe she will make it as long as she stays strong for her puppies. The puppies had to be separated from Amal.

She is receiving antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to ensure her milk is safe for the puppies. She is also taking Tarosin for ten days due to blood in her urine.

The puppies are being fed Royal Canin Starter until Amal is able to nurse them again.

Despite being unable to walk, Amal is happy and enjoys life. These are significant improvements compared to her previous condition.

She always maintains a good spirit and loves being the center of attention. Things are looking up for Amal, giving veterinarians hope.

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