Male Red-wing Blackbird Snapped Forming Smoke Rings With His Breath

To any bird photographer, professional or amateur, it’s such a big fortune to capture a one-in-a-lifetime photo of the bird. This photo may rock the photographer community over the world and make a name for themselves.

An amateur bird photographer named Kathrin Swoboda grasped that opportunity. He captured on his lens incredible pictures of a red-winged blackbird “forming smoke rings with his Spring song.”

These fantastic photos were taken in early March 2019 when Swoboda was walking around Huntley Meadows Park, an island in Virginia. The park has been known as a wildlife-friendly wetland.

Many wildlife animals come here to take photos.

Luckily, the photographer spotted a male red-wing blackbird singing on a branch. As it was chilly in the early morning, his breath came out charismatic smoke rings.

“I wanted to photograph their breath, which when expelled would condense in the cold air,” Swoboda said.

And, the photographer snapped one of the best photos in his career and gain great success. His photos of the singing red-wing blackbird earned him the grand prize of this year’s Audubon Photography Awards.

The male red-wing blackbird is famous for its crimson shoulder markings and distinctive throaty song.


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