Rescuers Find Dog Taking Her Final Breaths Next To A Cardboard Box

We can not understand how there are human beings capable of hurting or abandoning our furry friends. However, this is a reality that affects thousands of puppies every day. The case we’ll meet today is no different!

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about an unconscious pup on the verge of death. When they arrived at the scene, they saw a little dog lying next to a cardboard box, giving her last breaths. The rescuers were not sure if she would survive…

The poor girl was in shock due to extreme dehydration, and her blood pressure was very low. Fortunately, the dog received the medication and the treatments she needed so badly. However, the rescuers were worried if she would survive through the night.

In the morning, sweet Lilly surprised everyone. After only 24 hours, her progress was miraculous!

Rescuers find dog taking her final breaths

Follow the incredible rescue in the video below and see how beautiful the girl is now:

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