You’ll Be Surprised by The Images Captured By The Camera Disguised in The Bird Feeder.

Birds represent flight and independence. However, they are mysterious and out of reach due of their amazing freedom of flight. Thankfully, there is a method to get up close and personal with nature without inflicting any harm to the birds or frightening them away from their natural habitat.

Lisa, better known as Ostdrossel on the internet, moved to Macomb County, Michigan from Germany with her boyfriend because she wanted to be closer to the colorful birds in her yard that are unusual in Germany. She started looking into how to do it, and now she has thousands of amazing pictures of beautiful birds in all sorts of poses, with hilarious expressions, regal postures, and even wacky antics.

She would set up a camera trap to assist her explore the birds up close while she experimented with different types of food to attract them. Her bird feeder cam comprises of a box for the camera, a macro lens, and a platform for feeding the birds that may be attached. She discreetly photographs the birds as they arrive to dine using a small camera connected to a motion sensor. Every night, she spends hours poring over the thousands of images she took that day. In Lisa’s garden, a picture shoot occurs daily, rain or shine.

Birds return to Lisa’s garden on a regular basis, with some visitors returning so often that they have become familiar faces in the diverse collection. Experience the astonishing look into the lives of gorgeous birds, from silly doves to tragic blue jays to amusing bluebirds.

Some of her photos were featured on Bored Panda two years ago, but since then, even more stunning birds have come to Lisa’s garden to feast on the bird seed.

1. The Mourning Doves were especially adorable today

2. This bird has teeth!

3. The birds had lots to say today.

You shut up! No, you shut up! No you…

4. Don King came over and performed some seed magic

Are you spying on me?

5. We’ve got a lovely family of doves in our yard

6. Someone had moth for lunch

7. How I have missed seeing this crest

8. Incoming gold

9. Such a charmer

10. That’s what I call a good hair day

11. It‘s not too much if you can carry it all at once.

Blue jays take peanuts over meal worms…interesting.

12. Such a friendly, handsome young man

13. Starling performance art

14. When times are rough, we need to be there for each other, carry each other.

15. We were all worshipping the sun today.

16. Doves can be the picture of pure elegance and beauty. But they are also the biggest goofballs

17. Christmas Day brought some visitors that I have not seen at the booth in a while

18. The Bluebirds seem to have gotten a family discount for hypnosis class.

19. Lovely shot of a hummingbird

20. The best kind of orange!

21. Fall is definitely her season.

22. Tt was such a lovely day today

23. I’ve been that excited about food before too

24. It looks really cool how the adult feathers are coming in on the Grackles

25. More from the vault, and these get me into the mood for spring

26. Swoop and shove

27. Starlings in the yard

28. House Finch

29. Hey! Where are the seeds?

30. Took me a second to figure out that his beak/mouth is completely open with a cranberry in there. I thought it was part of the nose

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