How Far Can A Paintball Gun Shoot?

Paintball guns are operated by defusing compressed air into the chamber. Which push the paintball down the barrel. The speed of the paintball due to barrel shall regulate how much distance the paintball is will cover.

Simply proceeding a distance of paintball cover isn’t easy and simple move to make as the true answer is the fact it depends on. Because there are issues of safe range, effective range, and absolute range that must be considered.

Effective Range

The first concern range of the paintball gun which must be effective. Paintballs come with a balancing work that they need to achieve: They are most manufacture hard as they do break the free journey from a barrel, while also being delicate enough they can break when they struck their target. The consequence of this balancing action is the fact paintballs won’t break unless they are simply moving at a certain acceleration. Which means that if you fire paintballs for an extremely long distance, nearby the end of these trajectories they’ll slow to the idea that they cannot break even if indeed they hit their aim.

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If you go directly to the rear side of a paintball field you will almost undoubtedly find unbroken paintballs that folks lobbed too much in addition they simply dropped to the bottom, unbroken. The effective selection of a paintball firearm will depend on the ball paint and what your competitors are putting on, but is usually around 80-100 foot.

Safe Range

The next concern is the safe range. Paintball weapons have to be choreographed for getting a safe speed. If paintballs are taken at too much of a speed, they can injure someone when they strike, so most areas have a cover on the pace of velocity that paintball weapons can fire, commonly at around two hundred eighty ft. per second or two hundred miles per hour. In the event that you fire paintballs as of this velocity and directed them up and make an effort to lob them so far as possible, the utmost range will be around hundred yards.

Absolute Range

Now, let say that you are not concerned with striking someone too much or concerned about the paintball breaking, and instead would like to blast a paintball so far as it is possible to. To get this done, you’ll find the hardest paintball available in the market which has a low number to break and you’ll wind up the speed on your weapon such that it shoots as quickly as possible.

Practically, if you persisted to find a paintball with hardness to increase the speed continuously, you could capture an indefinite distance. You can’t get the same speed with your paintball gun as they have a maximum FPS that they can ever have the ability to shoot at this speed until you significantly make some alteration in the weapon. With this variability on maximum taking firing speed, each firearm will have some maximum range, while some weapons could probably take so far as 150 yards.

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Increasing Distance

Since paintballs, whatever gun they are simply shot from, are governed by the same laws and regulations of physics, different weapons will not throw paintball guns further and various barrels won’t lead to help expand shots if they’re taking fire at the same acceleration, unless they change something about how precisely the paintball is taken. Both things that can transform about how precisely a paintball is taken at confirmed velocity will be the rotation of the paintball and the condition of the paintball. Special equipment can alter both these ordinary things.

  1. First Method to Increase Paintball Gun Range

The first way to increase firing distance is to improve the rotation of the paintball. For Paintball guns such as rifles, preciseness in target and distance are better by spinning the ball perpendicularly to the bottom by rifling the barrel which is merely placing grooves in the barrel that push the bullet to spin.
Similar rifling is designed by most of the paintball guns manufacturer, but it has proven inadequate because deeply enough grooves to spin the ball will also lead to the paintball breaking in the barrel.

Paintball manufacturers have created the Apex as well as Flatline barrels that help a paintball player to rotate the ball horizontally. Specifically, giving the paintball again spin they could improve the distance the firearm can shoot. You may be able to throw further, but you’ll still likely possess the paintball jump, then break rather, if it’s further than one hundred feet’s.

  1. Second Method to Increase Paintball Gun Range

The second method of increasing paintball firing distance is to improve the condition of the paintball itself. First Hit rounds do that by designing them similar to a fin type bullet immediate and try to spin the paintball as it flew through the external environment as well as air. As the throw of paintball is only 1 way through, designers could actually make the nose area more brittle also, therefore the paintball will have significantly more durable attributes and a brittle nose area.

This escalates the effective firing range actually. This, though, does come with some significant weaknesses. First attack rounds must be given into a firearm in the correct direction and therefore you’ll need to supply the rounds which carry significantly fewer fires.

The price tag on these rounds is a lot greater than standard paintballs and can cost near a dollars. First rounds shouldn’t be used in combination with Apex as well as barrels. Most of these guns have ranged starting from two hundred feet and reach to an absolute speed up to two hundred yards.


At the end, I just want to say that if you really looking to know more about the paintball firing distance. Then this article is best for you. The above-mentioned tips and tricks will help you to increase the firing range of your gun without any loss or injury. Hope it will help you a lot for getting a success in paintball.

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