How to Choose The Best Paintball Pants

best paintball pants

Before playing paintball, having the proper protective wear is important, especially since the play can get rugged. Choosing the best paintball pants should be based on a variety of factors but the ultimate goal is to find the pair that provides a good fit, comfort, and of course, protection from all the elements that could break your skin.

​It is important to remember that choosing a pair of paintball pants should be according to your personal needs and preferences. What is perfect for another player does not necessarily mean that it would be perfect for you as well. Consider all personal factors then compare it with what the product offers.

What Makes a Good Pair of Paintball Pants?​

good paintball pants

Paintball pants should provide an ample amount of protection for your legs as you crawl, kneel, run, dive, and do other activities involving your legs while playing. Here are some of the aspects to consider when shopping for a pair of paintball pants:​


Protective Padding




Color and Style

Note that these characteristics should always be compared to the venue of paintballing. This is to determine the level of protection needed and which pair of paintball pants will best blend in the paintball fields.

How to Wear Paintball Pants​

​As mentioned earlier, paintballing involves crawling, diving, and kneeling. All of which increase the chance of tearing your protective pants. Thus, it is best to have added layers of protection, which can be achieved by wearing additional clothing under your paintball pants.

A pair of baggy elastic pants or jumpsuits can be worn underneath paintball pants. In case you tear the first layer of your lower body protection, you still have pants underneath that will prevent your legs from being exposed throughout the rest of the play.

Alternatives to Wearing Paintball Pants​

Some players use other types of pants as their lower body protection for paintballing. Some wear cargo pants, baggy pants, and other elastic pants in several layers to provide added protection.

While this may suffice in some paintball venues such as the backyard, it is not allowed when joining professional events or even recreational games done in simulated settings. It is still best to wear pants specifically made for paintballing since it addresses all of the protection and comfort needs of the wearer.

Advantages of Wearing Paintball Pants

When playing paintball, the last thing you want to do is worry about the discomfort you experience with your clothing. Your top priority is to strategize to prevent getting hit and to finally win the game.

With the right pair of paintball pants, you can ensure comfort and flexibility as you run, dive, crawl, kneel, and even climb. To top it all, you can prevent injuries that could have otherwise result from exposed skin while playing.

Injury prevention will prevent you from failing to win and will also save you from all the hassle of treating your wounds and bruises and the pain you experience, which may last for several days.

The Top 5 Best Paintball Pants​

HK Army Hardline Pro Pants – 2014

HK Army Hardline Pro Pants – 2014

The HK Army Hardline Pro Pants possesses the four key features that one should look for in a pair of paintball pants namely, durability, flexibility, light weight, and breathability. This pair of paintball pants is handcrafted to provide the detail needed for highest comfort and quality.

These pants are made from a combination of different fabrics in order to provide added protection and strength on impact points, greater flexibility, and to make the entire pair of pants lighter than it could have been with a single type of fabric only.

The design of these pants includes removable pads for the hips, knee and crotch paddings, elastic waistband (adjustable), ankle straps (adjustable), aero-mesh ventilation for the crotch, zipper leg ventilation, integrated pockets, and stretch airborne Kevlar knees. One good thing about these pants is that they are available in a variety of sizes so that you can choose the perfect fit for your lower body.


  • Solid and durable feel
  • Offers great maneuverability when playing
  • Has a good amount of protective padding
  • Numerous pockets that can be stuffed for additional padding
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sizes perfectly fit
  • Colors of the fabric do not fade even after washing many times
  • Superior stitching work


  • Breathability is not enough, can be too hot to wear at times
Valken Crusade Hatch Pants

Valken Crusade Hatch Pants

The Valken Crusade Hatch Pants may look like a plain pair of pants but it is packed with a variety of features specifically fit for paintballing. It is ultra-lightweight with its Dura-Lyte construction.

An amazing characteristic of this fabric is that it is built to last and it is also breathable. The knee portion of the pants is fully padded while following the natural curves of the knees to prevent the padding from delivering an awkward feeling as you are kneeling or crouching. Furthermore, the knee pads are reinforced with 1680D Nylon.

To guarantee flexibility for different ranges of motion, the pants are designed with stretch panels above the knees, crotch, as well as on the lower back. This makes moving easier and more efficient.

Another amazing feature of this pair of pants is its adjustability. Built-in straps around the waist help you achieve the right fit. At the bottom of the pants, you will find cuffs, which you can adjust as well. For comfort, breathable mesh panels are integrated throughout the different parts of the pants.


  • Stays true to promise of breathability even in hot and humid weathers
  • Adjustability allows for perfect fit for any size
  • One of the most lightweight pants in the market
  • Padding truly provides superior protection
  • Attractive look
  • Delivers great flexibility in the groin area
  • Thigh area is provided with enough room to allow for crouching
  • Heavy duty stitching work


  • Inside stitching can cause some skin discomfort
  • A bit pricey
Empire Paintball FT Pants

Empire Paintball FT Pants

The Empire Paintball FT Pants has many admirable features starting off with its maximum airflow design. This is delivered through the mesh side panels on the pants that allows cool air to enter and hot air to exit. It has soft and ribbed cuffs where you can slide over the empire elbow pads.

One feature that many young wearers would love about these pants is its stylish look. Through the overall style of the pants, the wearer will look more aggressive and professional when playing. This design is a good improvement from the baggy and saggy designs that other pants for paintballing have.


  • Excellent material for the padding; really provides protection
  • Quality of the pants can withstand use and abuse
  • Zip up front pockets provide secure storage for valuables
  • Breathable
  • Paddings are positioned in the right places
  • Easy to slide on any field
  • Reduces impact when shot


  • Sizes are a bit off
  • Can be too long for some wearers
Empire Paintball FT Contact Zero Pants

Empire Paintball FT Contact Zero Pants

The Empire Paintball FT Contact Zero Pants is a lightweight pair of protective paintball clothing, which allows for flexibility. This allows the wearer to move in different ranges of motion as needed in the play. Inside the pocket of these pants, there is a microfiber cloth on the bungee cord to enable fast cleaning of your goggles as it clouds. Dual swab pockets are also incorporated in the design of the pants.

One feature that is admired by many people with this clothing is its groin padding. Aside from protecting it from shots and other types of impact, it is also a way of preventing on-site embarrassment. The waist and hips are also greatly protected with the pre-formed hip padding. This will reduce the impact when sliding or diving.

Breathability is an aspect of the pants’ design. It has the maximum mesh ventilation to ensure efficient airflow.


  • Manageable weight
  • Good breathability
  • Reliable protection level
  • After a number of washes, the pants still do not fade
  • Perfect for hot days since there is not too much padding
  • Highly durable for any paintball terrain
  • Easy to slide in


  • Wearers with athletic built face some issues with the sizing
  • Fitment guide is unavailable
JT Paintball Pants - Cargo – Black

JT Paintball Pants - Cargo – Black

The JT Paintball Pants is a simple-looking pair of paintball pants that has a lot of features in store. It is made from rip stop core fabric that is impervious to tearing and impact.

It will provide a good level of protection against the different environmental elements in the playing field. The most common part of the body experiencing impact when playing—the knees- receive added protection with the padding.

The pants allows the wearer to modify the fit through the adjustable waist belt and drawstring leg cuffs. For flexibility, stretch fabric is used in the crotch area and the low back. For carrying supplies in the game, the pants provide the cargo and squeegee pockets.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Protection is reliable
  • Knee padding is good enough for a significant blockage of impact when hit
  • Good fit with the right size
  • Breathable
  • Velcro straps allow better fitting on the waist


  • Limited protection—no protection for the back and other areas aside from the knees
  • Sizing problems
  • Material is too soft


Now that the top paintball pants have been discussed, this review has shown a standout product, which is the Valken Crusade Hatch Pants. It possesses most of the qualities that a good pair of paintball pants should have such as durability, breathability, and light weight. These pants are sufficiently padded to deliver utmost protection but this does not affect the breathability of the pants. In fact, it is suitable to wear even during hot and humid weathers. This makes the pants suitable for a variety of playfields.

The ultimate goal in shopping for paintball pants is to find a comfortable, flexible, durable, and protective one that has other features making it the best value for your money. These qualities are perceived and experienced differently by each player so you must ensure that you consider all the factors and not just the price before you finalize the purchase. If you seek a reliable pair of paintball pants, you should consider the Valken Crusade Hatch Pants.​

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best paintball pants
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