How to Play Paintball – Beginners Guide for Basic Rule of This Game

Paintball is a sport continues to grow impressively throughout the last 2 decades. For this reason there are numbers of new players and the paintball game is also developed to a variety of games that are played in paintball field. With the help of this article we simply present few ways in which paintball can be played now a day.

Establish Boundaries of the Paintball Field

Paintball fieldBefore get started both the team visit the field to clearly define the boundaries for each person that playing paintball. The size of the field must be appropriate not too big or too small. For a 3 on 3 team a 50 to 100 yards filed is enough, but if you have a big team than you must need a big field for battle.

Established the field in such a way that the base will not be easily seen by the other team as well as there must be some trees and other hurdles otherwise you can’t get the real essence of this game.
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Mark Dead Zone

Define the dead zone area before you play game so that all the teams know exactly where it start from. Dead zone is an area where the team goes after the elimination and you don’t shoot in that area or near it. All the paint and gear are placed in the dead zone. This is basically designed for the eliminating team to wipe out their gear without fear of shooting from any competitor team player.

Objective of the Games

how to play paintballGames objective must be defined before the game starts so every player know that what he is playing. Either you playing an elimination game or capture the flag game all players know the basic rules that define before starting the game. These rules ensure the safety of team players as well as provide you the complete guideline to play a specific game.

Time Span for this Game

No one want to play this forever so this game require a game ending time which is define prior to play this game, Peoples don’t like to play a really long game because when the game is short you have more fun as well as find new ways and make new strategies to win this game. Which help you to enhance your management skills and leadership skills.
There are many ways to start the time. But the most effective ways are: Start the time when a player get out of the field Or start the time when the game actually start. You can also set your own customized time limit if you want.

Division of Team

The teams must be divided in a way that both sides have equal number of player with almost equal skills. But if there is more experienced people in on side than try to place some on other team to balance both sides.
It’s easy to identify the team player if you are playing with few players. But if you have a group of players that want to play than its better to wear different gears or use any colored band to differentiate the team which will help the player to identify their game enemies.

Start of Game

The game will be start when both the teams say that they are ready to start the game. Both the team loudly says each other they are ready for the game and by saying “Game On” the game will started.

Player Hitting

A player is considered as hit if when a nickel size mark of paint is placed on anywhere of the player body. But in some game variation there need more than one mark on the body or equipment to be considered as hit. Splatter is not considered as hit until it left a wide mark which is big enough to nickel size because you may get this mark when the paintball break on the nearby surface of player and not actually on the player.Walk-on-Paintball

Paint Checking

Sometime a ball hit your body and you don’t know exactly it will be considered as hit. Like when a ball hit from back side than most of time you don’t know that the ball break on your back or not. In this situation you call loudly “Paint Check” so that player nearby you will check for the hit. And if there is one you will eliminate from the game other game will be resumed from the same position by saying “Game On”

Walking Off the Field

After hitting player say loudly “I am hit” and then put their gun on their head and shout again and again in front of other player until he reached in the dead zone. No player is allowed to shoot a person that already hit and walking towards the dead zone.

Winning of Game

A team will be considered as winner when they obtain the goal which defines before the game start. Than all the players in the field will be notified that the game comes to an end. In this way no one try to shoot the other person and all players will be secured. But don’t remove the mask until all the loaded guns have barrels plugs on the bullet tube.

Rules for Safety of player

There are some general safety rules that must be followed by each player in this game. Use the mask all time until you are in dead zone, Don’t play after drinking, Don’t do blind firing, Use barrel plugs and shoot with a speed less than 280 FPS. These rules are necessary for the safety of player and strictly followed by everyone in this game.

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