Differences between a Mechanical and an Electro Pneumatic Paintball Gun

There are different types of guns that you can use for playing the paintball games. Every person have their own preference when they are going to choose a paintball guns. These preference include the style, size, mechanisms and many other factors that must be considered before buying a paintball gun.

Blow back, classic and mechanical guns are the most common guns that are well known by mostly people especially the beginner. But the electro pneumatic guns are the high speed an advanced guns which are used during the high level paintball games.

Most people don’t know the actual differentiation between mechanical paintball guns and electro pneumatic paintball guns. To know more about the difference between all these guns let discuss some major factor and features of these guns.

Power of Paintball guns

Mechanical paintball guns are mostly powered by the mechanical systems. You need to be pulled up the triggered again and again to get the continuous firing. Some of these guns have option to fire more than a single rounds fire option with a single trigger pulling.

The main source of power in the mechanical paintball gun is spring which store energy and push the paintball then the compressed air or carbon dioxide will provide the driving power to paintball. But to reset the spring you need to pull up the trigger again and again.

Electro Pneumatic paintball gun

Electro Pneumatic paintball gun also used the compressed air mechanism as the mechanical guns have but in Electro Pneumatic paintball gun the firing actuation come from the solenoid which is an electro Pneumatic actuator.

Firing mechanism in these guns depends on the solenoid which will allow the compressed air or carbon dioxide to push the paintball after the trigger pulled out which generate and electric pulse to open the chamber valve.

Suitable Environment for Paintball guns

Electro Pneumatic paintball used an electric battery which provide the electric energy for firing any paintball. So you need to replace the battery whenever the battery powers down. And these types of guns are not compatible in rain and other environment that can damage the battery of these guns. But you can use these gun for indoor environment.

While on the other hand mechanical paintball gun don’t have batteries and use the energy of spring to provide driving force. So these guns are suitable if you are going for both indoor and outdoor environment. As the spring work in the rainy weather as well as in the water.

Speed & Security of Paintball Guns

The speed of mechanical paintball guns is limited and totally depends on the speed of person that pulling the trigger. If that person pull the trigger fast the speed will be absolutely fast. But not much speed as a person can’t pull the trigger more than 4 to 5 times in a second.

Some of these mechanical guns have speed up to 1 rounds per second which have the feature of circuit board that help the person to increase the ratio of firing speed. The firing mechanism of these guns are secure because they don’t fire more rounds which may injure or harm your body. So this is the best suitable gun for entry level tournaments.

On the other hand electro pneumatic paintball gun are faster as compared to mechanical one because these guns don’t require the electric signal to fire a paintball. Due to electric circuit board you are able to fire fast because a man can’t pull the trigger fast as compare to an electric mechanism.

These electro pneumatic paintball guns are secure but still banned in some tournament like the early level tournament which have some security issues as most of the people don’t face this situations before.

These electro pneumatic paintball guns can fir more than 20 rounds per second which is really a fast speed for the beginner player. And may cause any serious injury or harm to your body. So it’s best to use this gun when you have an experience of safety for both the teams.

Firing Consistency and Accurate Shooting of Paintball Guns

Mechanical paintball guns have not the firing consistency because the speed of mechanical guns depends on the energy save in the guns springs as well as the heavy hammers and speed of pulling trigger which may vary from person to person.

These mechanical guns don’t have accurate shooting because whenever you pull trigger or other moving parts the aim may a bit move to another position. As well as the use of Carbon dioxide flow are not consistent that’s why there is also the difference of 10 to 20 feet in between the shots. Which is a wide difference for moving your aim from one position to another position.

On the other hand Electro pneumatic paintball guns are more consistent. Because they use the overall speed of this guns depends on the electric circuit board and you don’t need to pull the trigger speedily as well as you can fire consistently if you have no more trigger pulling speed.

Due to an electric solenoid and other electric parts these guns have no more movement as a result the gun stay at the same position and you can easily locate your aim without any disturbance.

The consistency of electro pneumatic paintball guns is more accurate because the firing ratio is faster because of the electric components. And there is a different of 3 to 5 feet in between each shot. Which help you to exactly get your accurate aim.

Prices of Paintball Guns

Prices of paintball is a major factors that must be considered when you are going to buy a paintball gun. Most of the Mechanical paintball guns have process less than $200. But some high end mechanical guns have up to $500.

On the other hand Electro pneumatic paintball guns are more costly as these guns have the electric component that are not available in mechanical guns. So due to that extra component and technology these guns have more cost. Prices of these guns start from $200 and rise up to hundreds of dollar.

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