Can Paintball Make You a Better Soldier

Ever since paintball was first played persons have used it as a way to simulate warfare and tactics. Following 9/11, individuals were convicted of conspiracy to levy war who had used even, within their training paintball. While paintball generally speaking and woodsball especially do resembling with the warfare, how much actually the paintball helps someone to plan like a real battle? There is absolutely no single factor, but I would advise that it helps a little for a true number of reasons including required skills, equipment, and objectives.

Paintball Is a Limited Game When Compare Objectives

The largest difference that must be considered in between paintball and genuine military fight is that paintball is usually a finite game with limited or predefined goals. Even a person know what exactly he will do and there is no fear of being fired and many other things that happen in this game.

While there are large scenario game of paintball, my encounter is these are, generally, just collections of more compact games being played concurrently (even if they’re coordinated). Paintball has targets such as eliminating the opposing paintball team, retaining outposts, collecting flags, finding invisible treasures and other finally meaningless goals on a finite performing field in a restricted amount of time. Wars cover huge areas with many objectives and last for years often. In paintball the target is to engage the opposing side, even though in battle you seek to reduce conflict.

Can paintball make you better in sodier
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Paintball Equipment Not Totally Resemble With War Equipment

Some people says that in battle you do conclude a scenarios that resemble paintball scenarios and your paintball expertise can transfer to the field of battle. But here introduces the problem of equipment used in the paintball as well as war. In paintball you have limited range and limited options of everything you can play with. Paintball guns all shoot around the same rate and distance and also have limited accuracy.

Beyond the essential paintball gun, in the war the gear such as grenades, rocket launchers and mines is gimmicky, inaccurate and inconsistent. In actual war you contain demolitions, firearms, air flow support as well as the armored automobiles which paintball will not educate you on how to use or even to play against. Understanding how to walk the result in and shoot 15 balls per second is awesome, but that doesn’t make a player to handle tanks and airplanes.

Paintball Game Had Limited Area with Artificial Hurdles

But, some might argue still that you may conclude with the woods is just a small arms during the course of a battle. The difference which will really enter into play here is skills that paintball players learn. Due to short selection of paintball equipment, most paintball players are within 40-50 feet of the other person when one or the other is eliminated and the complete focus of the overall game is in a restricted area.

In genuine war conflicts, you almost never get within different hundred yards of the enemy before fire is usually exchanged. All of the quick sprints, works and stalking that paintball players count on happen to be rendered mute when an individual is shooting a genuine gun at 4,000 feet per second (in comparison to a paintball gun shooting about 300 fps). In Addition to this the complete idea of hiding behind bunkers is nearly useless as modern day weapons haven’t any issue with going immediately through trees, brush and almost all of the bunkers employed by paintball players. The abilities simply just don’t transfer to some of the battlefield.

How Actually the Paintball Help To Become a Better Soldiers

There are different ways in which paintball really helpful for the players to enhance their soldiering skills. Some of these ways are explaining below:

Team Cooperation and Leadership

Cooperation between the team players is the only way to get success in the real war as well as you need a team leader that help you to lead and survive in the battle field. Which are the key factors behind the victory of any battle. In paintball you also develop the same cooperation and leadership skills. Even in paintball you don’t have advance level training but it help you to improve the basics of cooperation and leadership during the real war.

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Fighting Strategies Planning & Used Of Firearm Equipment

For surviving and getting victory in the war you need a solid fighting strategies planning to beat your enemy. These strategies are the key factor for fighting with the enemy as well as to deal with your enemies fighting plan. Which will only possible if you have expertise and a solid training of fighting tactics. So in paintball these type of strategies are used to compete with your enemy that enhance your Fighting Strategies planning and dealing with the actual fighting scenario.

On other hands even you don’t use the actual firearm that used in the real battle. But still these equipment resemble with the actual firearm used in war. In this way you know how to handle and use any equipment in the real battle. Even it’s a basic level but it really help.


I have never experienced the military, therefore i can’t claim that paintball won’t support persons become better soldiers, but, I really do have a whole lot of experience with persons coming from the armed service to enjoy paintball and the abilities don’t transfer perfectly.

Overall I’d say that armed service players who initially play paintball are simply not much better than any other beginning person. They may be able to hit a quarter at 300 yards on the firing range, but it doesn’t mean they are able to hit a new player running over the field. They typically have no idea how to conceal in the woods perfectly and they do not come in with a knowledge of small discipline engagement.

Some armed service players get very good at paintball, but that’s from participating in paintball, not from their armed service training. Plenty of military players do take up paintball, and that is because it’s lots of fun, certainly not because they’re helped by it plan war.

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