How to Move In the Paintball

The main thing I recall when I started participating in paintball games was that you had to move around the paintball field in order to survive.

My first encounter for the paintball fields is that there was many newbies I discover today on the field. Basically I hadn’t really considered it much now. But it went something similar to this. Several of us moved up. We took fire. The dirt is hit by us. Then the enemy shifted our flank and shot me in the foot. The very last thing I saw was a man on our team we running aside. It had been at that time recognized that you can stay in this game you’d to move again and again.
How to move in paintall

Movement Seriously Serves Two Purposes

vertically-postureIt certainly makes you harder for going to hit. Hitting a foot or hopper that’s sticking out is a simple elimination and the one that most of us quickly capitalize on.

Secondly, it continues your opponent on border about where he’s and what covers he has taken, together with guessing what your location is.

Everybody knows that firing out with buddy over the field is a 50/50 win. However after the focus is deviated by you from the gun battle and transform it right into a game of ANGLES, you took the upper hands. And the only path to obtain those angles is to go. To go before your opponent can, and do consequently before he can respond.

Most inexperienced players will move just on a vertical axis in your direction. That is dandy and fine, but leaves them available to flank penetration, and provides them no leverage or angles to shoot you out of your place. With the movement in both vertically and horizontally posture, you take the upper one hand.

I am continuously visualizing the paintball field with big lines running right through it. Such as a geometry puzzle. Each player on my team running a relative line between me and them and the enemy in several positions. It might be the same condition as a pool player predicting the balls to rebound and rest after lining up shots. But it really works in the paintball field.

Pinching In the Paintball Field

When I am participating in behind cover, I am looking for the next best destination to move always. This new location should provide me with satisfactory cover, good firing lanes, & most cut in to the enemies’ zone of covers importantly. I call this ‘pinching’ the enemy. You squeeze him out of his covers such as a popped zit.

When you conclude pinching the enemy, he’s placed into a precarious situation. He has been pressured from an unpleasant position to a protective position instantly! This alone may cause a knee jerk result of surprise and panic. He has been forced to take his gun of target, also to manage you. If he includes a cool head and really wants to shoot it out with you, he can. However the guy he was simply just dueling it out with is currently move on him.

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As soon he tucks in, or posts on someone else you move again. It will happen so fast and that he’s crapping his pants instinctively, running away, or dripping with paint. If you have ever before watched two Piranha follow a feeder fish, it’s virtually identical. One will hide as the other works out and bites the fish’s fin, moves back then.

As the fish turns to see what bit its ass, the other comes out and strikes. The fish afterward moves to the various other end of the container only to get little bit as he swims aside. Once he does not have any fins to move both Piranha attack and take in him clean. You need to be doing a similar thing. That’s where player cohesion is necessary.

Falling Back In the Paintball Field

When time comes and one must ‘tactfully withdraw’ (by no means say retreat), the cover position at last will often the best destination for going. If the angles have change the position, you must try the assessment first then, but now the direction of your running will be contrary direction. It shall buy you time, supply the enemy false hope as he sees you ‘fleeing’, and sets you up to create on him as he attempts to go on your own new position.

There are also many falling back tactics that you can use for surprise the opponent team. You can also use the way of fire and hide which will be the best option when you move or go back from the enemy line. You must pop off the fire on the opponent one by one if you are playing as a group. After each fire one of them will move back to a secure position if you are in opponents range. In this way the opponent team will not fir on you until you really stop shooting.

In this way you can easily move in to any secure position in the paintball field. But for using this technique you must know all the geography of the field and know from where your enemy can attack on you if you go back for a secure position because some time your enemy cross play with you are attack from back which really surprise you and may be it will be the cause of your defeat.


If you really want to be a perfect paintball player in the movement of field than you must follow the above mention techniques with all of the precautions that mention in that techniques. With a little practice before the paintball game start, with your team player or lonely you can get expertize in this technique. There are also many online tutorial available on the internet which help to know more about the movement techniques all you need is that you can practice it again and again if you really want to beat your opponent paintball team.

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