How is Speedball Different from Woodsball – Facts You May Want to Know

There are many type of paintball game but here we discuss the woodsball vs speedball games. Woodsball is the original form of the paintball game where you have natural wood environment with natural, bunker and woods that help you to prevent from your competitor, while on other hand, the speedball have artificially designed bunker and hurdles, that are designed according to the requirement of the team playing paintball game.

There are different types of fields that you can choose according to your game requirement. And for each field there must be some different equipment that you need to play. For example, in entry level paintball field there are mostly manual guns and there are artificial bunkers and much more.
woodsball vs speedball

Fields of Woodsball Vs Speedball

Fields of woodsball have variation but still they depends on the local terrain. These fields used the natural environment like they may be situated on the mountain as well as the forest near any river and much more. Due to natural environment there are different starting points and most of the player have different weakness and strength that may face during the game.
The speedball fields depends on the artificial terrain. And most of these fields are flats, well laid out and symmetric. There are variety of artificial bunkers are available you can move the bunkers anywhere in the field to create a different mission. The fields don’t have more space and also speedball game can be played indoor in any building as well as any other indoor environment.

Teams of Woodsball Vs Speedball

Teams in the woodsball games depends on the size of the field because if you have a long distance field obviously you need more players as well as team to play and complete the mission define in the rules. And one large fields you can add hundreds of player and team to play with each other.
On other hand the speedball teams are commonly consist up to seven to ten players per team and there may not be much team in this game because the size of the field is not enough to play more team in this game. So the number of player and team are limited with limited task and duties in the game

Pace of Woodsball Vs Speedball

In the woodsball game the pace of the game is slower it may be end up in few minutes and may be it end in hours. In this game player take time for the next fire because due to long size of field they need time to cover up. And player need time to reach on competitor bunker as well as need more time for planning and attacking on the competitor.
On other hand due to small size field there is no more time period required to fire on the other team player. And you have to do all things quick like fast planning, attacking and other task because there is limited space and you can easily be shoot if you don’t shoot the opposite team player. And due to flat field’s player run more and fired more paintball as compare to the woodsball game.

Equipment Need for Woodsball Vs Speedball

In woodsball game, player have a variety of equipment, which may include the wear which may be camouflage, or dark colors, and also able to use a variety of guns. These gun may include the mimic real gun as well as electro pneumatic guns. It totally depends on you that which one you can use or sometime there are some rules which define the list of all guns that can be used.
But in speedball games, you always use the high-end electro pneumatic guns which have a force fed hopper that help you to generate more speed of the paintball. Player uses the baggy pants and shirts that are specially designed for the speedball. You can also use the knee and elbow pad to secure from any injury. And of limiting the outline player must wear low profile mask when peaking around the artificial bunker.
You can also customized the equipment if it is not against the rule and regulation of tournament. As in some entry level tournament you can’t choose the electro pneumatic guns because they may harm the beginner which don’t have more experience.

Strategies used in Woodsball Vs Speedball

There are different game strategies that are used in the paintball field. Most of these game strategies depends on the filed structure because you must be plan according to the infrastructure if the field where you are going to beat your competitor.
In woodsball the strategies may have more variation because due to a long distance fields you can’t move with a single strategy. Some time you may split your team for different directions for which you need more than one strategy because you don’t have enough communication due to limitation as well as large distance in between the other team player.
On other hand in speedball even there is not enough variation in the strategies. But still there are some general variation which may change time to time. As the small field size the player are in contact with each other and they can talk constantly so they can easily change the strategy as well as due to speed they don’t have more time to plan for a strategy.
When a player is hit or a team step behind from the bunker the other team know how to occupy that place. And for fast firing they need to change the plan according to the next situation. So you can say the overall strategy changing depends on the situation of game. Which may require more changing or follow a simple plan.
There are also many other difference in the woodsball and speedball. But the above mentioned difference are enough to differentiate both the woodsball and speedball game. You can also see some videos on internet to find the actual difference of woodsball and speedball game.

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