Things Not To Do In Paintball – Rules That Must Be Follow For Safe Paintball Game

Paintball game which is considered as the most competitive sport has many facets on which you are doing work to improve. There are something that must be avoided to become the best paintball player.

You must follow all paintball rules and regulation during the game even you are beginner player or an expert paintball player. You can play whichever style you like. You can place yourself and your team anywhere you want. But you need to follow some certain things to avoid the major blunder that may harm you or any player in the paintball field as well as a cause of elimination for your team. Here we discuss some major rules that you can’t avoid during the paintball game.

1. Try Not To Wipe When You Hit

Most of the time the player gets shoot at the beginning of the game which is considered as a most frustrating moment at that time. Paintball is a game of hitting the other and also by hit itself from another player.

Don’t try to wipe the mark of paintball on any part of your body when you got a shoot from the opponent player. But if you wipe without call himself out then there is no benefit of playing the game and all essence of the game will die. So it’s better to play a video game if you don’t want to shoot or playing without risk of hitting during the paintball game.

If you really don’t sure about the paintball hit. Call the referee for making sure that you are hit with the ball or not. The referee will be available all time in the paintball field he will make decision after watching the mark that you got paintball hit or not. And you can’t claim against the referee decision at it will be considered as the final decision.

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2. Don’t Take Off Your Mask While Playing In the Field

Paintball is a safe game until you follow the major rules and regulations. One of the major rules that you must follow is to keep you mask on your face until you are in the field as it will be the only way to save the different critical part of your face.

This rule is considered as the first and major rule whether you are playing in your backyard or participating in any tournament. Even you are in the dead zone and not in the field please don’t off you face mask until the guns are loaded. If you are facing any problem during any part of the game just call the referee for your help but still remember don’t remove the mask from your face.

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3. Try Not To OverShoot during the Paintball Game

The overshooting rule is really easy a simple. You can’t shoot any player over from standard limit that is mentioned in the games rules and regulations. You need only a single hit for doing a person out of the paintball game.

Even sometimes you have more hits than one on your opponent player this will happen when your opponent player doesn’t shout out loudly that he will out from the game. But in this case, you have some exceptions. But if he doesn’t say anything then you can shoot him more than one hit with the correct aim that doesn’t harm the opponent player till he calls himself out.

Try to fire only when you think you have got a target and you have a good aim on in for splatting a paintball on the opponent team player. Even you like to be a more trigger person but still keep in mind that you must shoot rationally and don’t fire all the paintball just at the beginning of the game.

4. Try To Maintain a Distance In Between Both Teams

To avoid any injuries both of the team have a specified distance between each other because if you don’t have more distance the paintball will have more speed which causes serious injury. There is a thin line between both teams that you can’t cross and away from that line. So that there maintain a proper distance between the player which help slow down the ball speed to avoid injury.

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5. Try To Follow the Fundamentals of Paintball

Paintball turn into entertainment as well as fun if you rules are being followed. Don’t try to go out of bound or play some unnecessary shoot or overshoot any of the opponent team players, or try to take off your mask during the fog. Whatever the condition is you must follow the proper rules and regulation for the safety of all the player in the field either they are playing from your side or from opposite side.

6. Try Not To Use the Action Scene of Any Movie

Paintball is a real game and not like the movies action where all the action are held with proper training and safety equipment. So it is really dangerous if you use that movie action in the paintball for becoming a hero.

Your life in not a script as the movie is. So keep your emotion under control and try not to follow the film action and follow the proper rule and regulation of the paintball game which will help you for safe game play.

Another thing of following the film action is the overshooting which may cause injury to any person surrounding when you are playing in any open field where there are many people who are not a part of the game. And it also causes injury to a person that maybe sit in a dead zone area.

7. Don’t Take the Game Serious It’s Just a Game

Paintball is just a game that is made for fun so don’t take it seriously. Don’t take anything in mind or tense when you lose the game. It is not like your personal rivalry. It’s a sport like other game where there is a winner as well as a looser. So treat it like a fun sport and don’t have anything in your mind regarding any player or overall game.

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