10 Tips for Playing Better Paintball

Paintball is one of the well-known games played in the whole world. Which help you to increase you skills and abilities in different management & leadership skills. For being a best paintball player you need strategies and planning that will help you to beat the opponent teams.
There are many way to improve your paintball games which help you get expertize in paintball strategies and skills. In this article we discuss some major tips and advice that you need for being the best team in paintball field.

playing paintball tips

Be Aware

You must be aware of all the strategies that you opponent can use. Even that you know that a person is hiding on the same space where you are thinking. Don’t focus on any single spot and think broad because it really helps you to overcome on your opponent. Sometime your opponent tries to cheat by showing their actual place of hiding and then attack on you when you chase him.

Keep Moving

In paintball it’s not a favorable condition to stay on the same place because in this way you are noticed and your opponent will be move around that spot to shoot you. So it’s better to move until you reached at the position where there is chance of shoot if you further move.
Mostly if you stay thirty yards behind the front-line you are out of the range of opponent but in this situation you can’t shoot the opponent. If you really have a grip on shooting than you must try to step forward by using your hiding skills to overcome on the enemy.

Try To Keep Heads Down Of Your Enemies

You must move after you fire on your opponent. In this way your opponents with stay behind the bunkers or any other hiding place and you can freely move to next spot. And your team players can also cover you in this situation easily.

Keep Heads Down Of Your Enemies
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Stay Cool During The Game

It is necessary to stay after you get a new spot and don’t fir immediately after changing position. You must examine the whole field from your new angle to analyze that opponent are in your range as well as you can also choose another favorable spot where you can easily locate your enemy. If you frequently move without staying it may cause to be fired as your opponent has time to easily locate and shoot you.

Use Techniques To Be Stealthy

In some game zone you need some aggressive tactics and rushing techniques to cope with your enemy. You must know the skills that how to deviate the attention of your enemy and what will the weak points of your opponents that you can use to overcome on other teams.

Teammates Communication

The best way to get victory in the paintball game is the communication between the teammates. When you have more than one brain to make and think about the strategies you can easily find a best solution that leads you towards the success of your team. Paintball is a team sports so you need proper teammate communication for getting success.

Stay Connected With Your Team

Running away and do your own thing to beat the opponents it’s not seems to be possible in the paintball field. Even lone target are easily achievable but if you are connected with your team players than there are really more options which help to achieve all the targets that you team have. And you also have cover and safety that you may not achieve when you are playing lonely.

Analyze Your Surroundings Constantly

It is important factor that you must analyze the surroundings when you moving from one spot to another spot. You must make the whole map of your surroundings in your mind that where your enemies are, where they can move to hide, what will be the action plan for you and your team to move forward for best shooting position. The only way to winning a paintball game is to stay one step ahead from your enemy.

Playing Paintball Tips
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Use The Element Of Surprise

Element of surprise is also a major factor that you can use in the paintball as a major defeating skill. There are many ways in which you can use the element of surprise. One of the best way is to appear behind a part of the cover and pop off some of shoots on your enemy and then duck down to move for next spot. Your opponent must be focusing on the position from where you are popping off the shoot but you will then move to next spot and easily locate and shoot your enemy.

Keep The Straight And Simple

May be you have the abilities to copies the moves of actors in Hollywood films but in this game all that moves and flips are useless because you are in real world and you need real tactics to deal with your opponents. You look stupid if you choose that actors moves and may be shoot at earlier stage. So avoid all that moves and let start some real one with strong movement planning.

Other Techniques

A few of people will gave these tips and trick that help the paintball team players to get successes. Some of them are how actually use the pyrotechnics, Use of grenades that generate smoke which help you to cheat your opponents as they don’t see you where you are in the smoky environment. Flash bangs are another major thing that help you to head down your enemy and execute and move to a long spot. Paint grenade help you for shooting a bunch of enemies. But you must keep in mind that pyrotechnics have some safety issues and it’s not available to the beginner.
There are also many other techniques that you can get online. All you need to implement and practice that techniques again and again to get expertise so that they help you during the actual game. But you must see the safety issues before using any techniques.

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