What to Expect When You Play Paintball For The First Time

It is an unwritten rule in playing sports that you have to exert time in analyzing the sport that you are going to play. You have to anticipate what you are getting yourself into so you will not be like somebody who has decided to play a sport out of the blue without knowing anything about it first. In order for you to not look like clueless about a sport, you need to take note of several things that you must expect from playing a sport especially when it’s your first time.

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There are many things you have to remind yourself in a paintball game. Paintball might look like a scary, complex sport to some especially to new players who will be playing it for the first time but it’s actually easy once you get the hang of it. We all know that first times are really bothersome and scary at first but as you become used to it, you will just laugh at yourself remembering the first time doing it. Whatever your worries are, we will try to help you ease your anxiety in playing paintball for the very first time.

Tips Before Playing Paintball

  1. Don’t Forget The Registration

First of all, there is one thing you need to do when you arrive at the game location which is to register. After making an appointment, you finally get to register for yourself. This is usually done by paying your entrance fee and rentals for your equipment to the front desk. Moreover, you also get to sign a waiver which signifies that you agree that the game you are going to play may have risks and you fully understand its entirety. Basically, this implies that no one is responsible but you when something happened to you when playing the game. If a player is under 18 years old, they must be accompanied by their parents who will be the ones to fill out the waiver. During this, the paintballs you bought must be given to you.

  1. Prepare Necessary Clothing

There were a lot of first-time paintball players who were very worried about paintballs hitting them bad that they choose to wear thick clothing. However, we are saying this to you – paintballs are not really painful. You might be shocked the first time you are shot but you’ll get used to it as you play more paintball games. It’s not really something to be worried about. As such, wearing jeans and sweatshirt is recommended for your clothing in paintball. Some may choose to wear different types of clothing but the ones stated are definitely better.

  1. Renting and Overview of Equipment

After your registration, you will head to a station containing various equipment for rent. This is the time that you will be given your rented equipment that you paid for. Next, you might be given a bit of instruction on how to use each of them. Take time to familiarize yourself with each of them. Doing so will later help you during the game. Usually, you will be handed a marker, a loader and a tank which could be compressed air or CO2 and barrel cover.

  1. Safety Rules

You will be given an overview of the rules in paintball. Sometimes, a video will be played for the players while most of them rely on verbally given information. Nevertheless, you must have at least a bit of information before heading to the game location and playing the game. It’s better to be prepared beforehand.

What To Expect During The Game

  1. Do Not Worry About Getting Shot

Let’s face the fact that the main goal of paintball is to shoot their opponents with paintballs. Therefore, expect yourself to get shot by other players of the opposing team. Many of the first time players of paintball were so worried about getting shot that they stayed under cover for almost the entire game. Although it is up to you if you will do it, it is still preferable to get out of your cover and enjoy the game. After all, you’re playing this for the sake of experience so don’t mind getting shot!

  1. Wear Clothing Suitably for Paintball

Aside from the equipment which you should pay attention to, you should also take into consideration your clothing that you will wear for the game. Remember that exposing yourself and not wearing proper attire will give you bruises especially if you get shot on your skin. It’s recommended for you to wear a loose clothing that will allow mobility. Also, keep in mind that the clothing you will be wearing will get a load of paint and will certainly cause it to smell a bit awful.

  1. Teamwork Is To Winning

Paintball is a game of strategy. Without planning ahead, your gameplay along with your teammates’ will not work and will probably fail. Therefore, your team must talk with each other about the plan or strategy against the opposing team. You need to have teamwork in order for you to work as an effective unit and not just separate players heading to their own paths. Yes, each of you can take off on your own but working as a unit will guarantee a more solid and efficient gameplay in the game.

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  1. Wear Your Mask At All Times

This can be attributed for your own safety. This must be done before, during, and after the game. Even after the completion of the game, you still have to wear this for safety purposes. During the game, when you get shot, you shout “dead man” and proceed to the waiting area. But this time, you should keep your mask on or else you will get shot.

For first time players, it is advisable to be well-prepared ahead before playing it. This includes preparing necessary equipment, having your registration and appointment prior to the game. Most of all, you must prepare yourself for the game. Do not be anxious about playing it for the first time. With the sufficient amount of knowledge and preparation, there is really nothing to worry about!

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