Paintball Safety Rules – How to Play Paintball in Safe Environment

A Paintball is a fast growing sports in the world with increasing number of players on daily basis. Even it’s a popular game but still there are some safety issues with this game. It will be safe until you follow proper rules and regulation of this game.
Most of the injuries happen when you ignore the basic safety rules mention in the paintball menu. So for avoid any injury and play paintball game safety follow the below safety rule:

Wear All Appropriate Safety Equipment

There are different type of paintball safety equipment available in the market you can purchase that safety equipment or use the safety equipment provided by the tournament organizer. One of the major paintball equipment is mask that you can use all the time when you are in paintball field.
If you mask fog up it is necessary to call out and call the refry for rescuing you to the dead box because until all the barrels are being plugged there is a chance of serious injury. So use of a mask can lead you in game without any serious injury.
paintball mask

Play At Licensed Paintball Field

Always play in a certified and licensed paintball field which following proper safety rules and regulation for all team playing in the tournament. Implementation of strict safety will lead you towards a safe game play.

Avoiding Shoot Wildlife Animals

You must never shoot any wildlife or domestic animal available at the paintball field even they are irritating you while playing. A crow might give away enemy position which blowing your cover. So leave all them alone because shooting these animal is illegal. Paintball should not be organize in an area which have rare plants and trees as well as the wildlife animals. You must avoid the natural hazard like trees and plants whenever you play paintball game.

Use Recommended CO2 Tank

You must follow the tournament organizers recommended CO2 tank which is already inspected by the organizing team. Your nozzle may go off which cause some serious injuries to you as well as players near you.

Wrong Facts Regarding Paintball Safety

There is not a proper reporting of paintball mechanism even this game is playing at an international level. So there is no stat available which shows the exact number of injured take place in the paintball field.
Most of the paintball field owner admits that the number of injuries increasing from last few years. So you must be aware of that you are responsible for all injuries that happen in paintball field.

Worn Goggles in Paintball Field

You must wear the goggles all the time whatever you are playing in the filed or any place where there is gun firing in the unsafe condition. The speed of paintball is normally up to 200 feet per second which may harm your body if you don’t using a proper goggles at that time. Or maybe it cause an injuries to your eye as it is not safe.

Use Barrel Bags and Plugs

For stopping the shot out of your gun you must use the safety barrel bags and plugs. Which will help you to control over the gun shot out. With the advancement of technology most of the electronic paintball gun come with a soft touch which help you for quick fir with light touch.
So avoiding the accidental triggering of your gun you must unload the gun whenever you are out of the field or not using the gun in the paintball field. So try to make it habit because may be some one copy you when they have a gun loaded with paintball. Which may cause serious injury to your or any player in the field. So for safety of all the players in field you must use barrel bags and plugs.

Use Necessary Safety Equipment

There are many safety equipment that are necessary to wear like if you are a male you must wear the cup or jock strap. Which help you to avoid any pain cause from paintball hitting. Air release valve are dangerous so away your eyes from these valves when you don’t wear your mask.
Paintball player

Do Not Overshoot People

With the innovation of technology most of the guns are coming with high speed shooting. But it’s not mean that you can fire over the limit to any player in the paintball field. Even overshoot is happen when a player hit from the paintball and don’t call out himself.
Overshooting can take the fun of paintball playing out. So don’t try to overshoot as well as some time kids afraid of leaving the cover and which will cause some serious injuries when you overshoot for hit that kid or young player.

Don’t Shoot People from Close Range

Paintball is a game where there is some time close shoot happen but try to call out surrender the player instead of shooting. And if the opponent will not surrender try to hit one shoot which help them for proving that he will be shoot.
Even paintball is fun game but don’t try to close shoot any player because it will cause some serious injuries as well as inflicting pain. So try to call for surrender rather than to shoot out from a close range for the safety of players in paintball field.

Unscrewing Your CO2 and HPA Bottle

After taking 3 to 4 full turn you must unscrewing your CO2 and HPA bottle for your paintball gun. But if you take more turn than this limit please inspect the CO2 and HPA bottle and back it up to 4500 pps of pressure.
If the bottle valve will unscrew accidently it will burst and damage all thing near you even you are being murdered with this accidental unscrewing. In past there are many accident that take place due to accidental unscrewing of wall in 2005 and next years.
So try to use proper safety rule while replacing the HPA and CO2 bottle as well as read the manufacturer instruction manual to know more about the turn that you can do with the specified gun. After that number of turn you must unscrew the bottle.

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